Monday, August 15, 2011

Updates and sunshine.

I really should start being a better blogger. God knows I pine for things to do all day when I'm sitting in my room and Carter is sleeping... But I promise I'm going to try and post at least once a week(after my vacation, of course) from now on! I know I have lots to update you guys on!

Carter is currently six weeks old as of Friday, and I'm thrilled because that means I can swim again! If you didn't know, a woman's body bleeds for about 6 weeks(sometimes longer) after giving birth to get rid of all the stuff that housed the baby. It's a great excuse to sit around and do nothing, but kinda sucks in the summer when all I wanna do is go outside, swim and soak up the sun! Yesterday was my first opportunity to take advantage of this new found freedom and I have the burn to prove it! It was well worth it though to finally get my summer weather fix-and Carter slept almost the entire time! It was so nice!

I'm so excited for some of my future blog posts! Carter is meeting his grandparents on Jack's side for the first time this week! I promise lots of pictures(and hopefully lots of blog posts) to tell you all about it!

Carter sleeping in his bouncer under the shade :)
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