Monday, February 11, 2013

blah blah blah.

welllllllllll hey!

i have not been blogging, have you noticed? i haven't even been in school for a month and i feel like i'm too busy for anything other than homework, work, and child rearing(sp?).

i'm really enjoying my classes(except one, stupid math), although some of them are just hard to talk in simply because they are uncomfortable issues in our society(race, gender). also, i have 3 classes on m/w and they kill me. i am ravenous by the time i'm done. the people sitting next to me are lucky i'm not on bath salts or i'd probably eat their faces(too soon?).

anyway, things in the apartment are great! all boxes are unpacked and carter is in the process of weaning, so lots of growing up for both of us. the only downfalls of my humble abode are the third story location(my back has been killing me from carrying a mixture of carter, groceries and laundry up 2 flights), and the fact that it costs $3 to do a load of laundry which I refuse to pay(why would i when i can take it to my grandma's and do it for free?).

overall though, life is pretty good. having a routine again has been a life saver after a month of going stir crazy(did i mention how much i dislike climbing stairs?). hopefully things will keep going smoothly and the things that aren't going do smoothly will resolve themselves!

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